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Upcoming Events

  • Gut Check 5k - Ramona CA
    Sat, Apr 15
    Ramona Ranch Winery
    The Gut Check 5k - All Terrain Run is part trail and mud run with a healthy dose of Mother Nature’s obstacles mixed in for fun.
  • West Coast SUCK
    Fri, Apr 21
    Specific location sent to registrants
    As the sunsets and the moon begins to rise over the desert, you begin an epic journey across what looks like moonscape, over a far away peak only to descend to one of the largest man made structures you have ever seen and rappel off it. Now begins your starlit quest to Embrace the SUCK.
  • Gut Check 5K - Fredericksburg TX
    Sat, Jun 03
    Luckenbach Town
    Like Waylon Jennings sang, “let’s go to Luckenbach Texas,” and so should you. Be sure to grab your friends and join us for our annual Gut Check 5k - All Terrain Run on the hallowed Luckenbach grounds then hang around to make some new ones as you listen to some of the best Texas style country music.
  • Gut Check 5K - Big Horse Vineyards
    Sat, Jun 17
    Big Horse Vineyards
    Be sure to join us at the amazing Big Horse Vineyards for fun filled family friendly 5k run through the winery, hill, hollers and streams. Plus, you get a FREE wine tasting afterwards.
  • Midwest SUCK
    Fri, Jun 23
    Gut Check Fitness - Byron
    The city is dark, most are going home but you're getting ready to tackle bone crushing strength tasks, navigate miles of abandoned streets with a heavy combat load and possibly cross a swift river multiple times under the cover of darkness, do you have what it takes to embrace the SUCK?
  • 12 Hours of Hell
    Fri, Jun 30
    Just imagine if you could go to Hell and back? Guess what, you can. Come join us for our inaugural 12 HOURS OF HELL - RUCK or RUN. You’ll have 12 hours to ruck or run as far as you can in that time frame. Do you have what it takes to go to HELL and back?!
  • The Ultimate SUCK
    Fri, Sep 01
    Conan the Barbarian meets Full Metal Jacket with a dash of Deliverance! You may want to get familiar with shooting a shotgun, bailing or carrying hay, using post-hole diggers, chopping wood, and carrying all kinds of heavy stuff. Welcome to the SUCK.
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